Twilight helps see a boost in ‘Wuthering Heights’ sales

Twilight has boosted a massive increase in book sales in the past couple of years and now one book in particular seems to have seen a rise in sales.
Seeing older books becoming popular again is a testament to how much of an impact Stephenie has made with her Twilight series. Since all things that Twilight touches turns to gold, I’m sure if companies were on the ball they would ask Stephenie for endorsement deals for her next book!

You can order your copy of Wuthering Heights here at Amazon. I know I am guilty of helping these book sales since reading Twilight!

Twilight Examiner reports:

Last fall, just before the major promotions surrounding The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s release began, publishing company HarperCollins re-released Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights with an unabashedly Twilight-esque cover to it.

Mixed feelings on the subject of the re-vamp were discussed by Entertainment Weekly, and a lot of folks were on the fence about whether the decision to re-brand the story to accommodate its Twilight-descending newcomers was agreeable or not.

Sentiments notwithstanding, it seems that Wuthering Heights has enjoyed a bit of success coming off the decision.

The U.K.’s Telegraph reports that Wuthering Heights publishing company HarperCollins is enjoying a nice jump in sales because of the Twilight series.

Wuthering Heights, before the first Twilight books came out in 2005 sold 8,551 a year in Britain. However, the publishers Harper Collins reissued Wuthering Heights last year, with a cover inspired by the Twilight artwork and including the tag-line: “Bella and Edward’s favourite book”.

Following this reissue, sales peaked at 2,634 in one week and totalled 34,023 during the year, according to Nielsen Bookscan, which monitors book sales across the industry. This was a fourfold increase and it is now one of the best selling novels at Tesco, as well as more traditional book shops.

Anyone else not surprised?

You might also be interested to note the “look” of some of the other Twilight-related classics. Both launched in fall 2009 by HarperCollins subsidiary HarperTeen, Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice (stories also heavily incorporated into the text and plot of the Twilight series) have also gotten a new Twilight-like face.

You can check out those new cover editions here and here.

Romeo and Juliet was the central motivating theme of New Moon, but Wuthering Heights comes more into play with Eclipse while Pride and Prejudice is mostly involved in Twilight.

Read the full article from the Telegraph here.

(Source: Twilight Examiner)

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