Two More Guests in Pipeline for Eternal Twilight 4?

If you haven’t got your tickets to ET4 yet, there’s still a good number of standards left plus some silver! A couple of days ago Jason from Show Masters wrote on their forums that they expect to be able to announce another 2 guests to go with the 5 already in place which is great news.

OK we have some great news

we would like to bring 7 guests to ET 4 yep thats right YAHOO.GIF

now to do this we really need to sell ET 4 out , and the best way to do this is for you to help get the word out there to all the fans on all the forums , web sites and on facebook and what ever way you can to let others know , lots of you have done this before and it has really helped the event and only you can do this and make ET4 even a sell out and even more fun .

we are talking to two more guests and we really want to bring them both to ET4 we are not saying that they are big or small guest so please do not get crazy guessing who they are , all you need to know is they are two nice guest and we want them to attend this con , so what every you the can do to get the word out will all help the event sell out and if that happens we will have 7 guest in play for ET4 which will make the event amazing .

we only have 179 standard tickets left and a few silvers left so if you can all help to let others know about ET4 and how much fun the event is it will help sell the last of these tickets .

thank you to each and everyone of you in advance for any help on this, we really want to make each and every event the best we can and you are all helping to make ET4 even better than ET3 so lets get the 7 guests to ET4 , see you there YAHOO.GIF


jason WAVE.GIF

For further information on this event and on how you can buy tickets visit Massive Events

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