Robert Pattinson has snared the role of a lifetime – as Kurt Cobain?

Now I’m waiting to see if this is true or not but I really hope it is!

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Rob playing Kurt Cobain?

Robert Pattinson has snared the role of a lifetime – as Kurt Cobain in a Hollywood biopic.

Pattinson, a universal heart-throb desperate to break from type-cast, will reprise the Nirvana icon, the UK Sun newspaper reports.

And, critically, the Twilight actor appears to have obtained the approval of Courtney Love. Love in many instances has fought over the myriad remnants of Cobain’s artistic and financial legacy since he tragically ended his life in 1994.

Universal Pictures shrewdly roped Love, Cobain’s widow and musical collaborator, into the project with a production consulting role, the Sun claims. She is reported to have eyes on her physical likeness to play herself – the sultry Scarlett Johansson.

A source said: ‘This is a big money deal for Courtney. She has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the main aspects of the project including director, casting, screenplay and music.

‘Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop. She has been a bit wound up by his manners, but he is her number one choice to play Kurt. She is adamant Scarlett will play her. Scarlett is friendly with Frances Bean, her daughter with Kurt.’
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I love that picture of Rob. I found it on the net a few weeks ago but I cant for the life of me remember where or I would source the lovely people who found it!

(Source: Remember Me Saturday UK Twitter)

Update! Since Debz posted this story up the net has been buzzing with the story. Anyway, I just pciked up this update from Gordon and the :

Thank. God. Earlier today, the British rumor mill The Sun laid claim to a frightening bit of casting news – Robert Pattinson might very well wind up playing grunge God Kurt Cobain in a biopic from Universal Pictures called ALL APOLOGIES. Scarier still, was the possibility of Scarlett Johansson (as if) playing Courtney Love, with David Fincher in talks to direct.

The fact that Fincher started in the music vid biz and that TWILIGHT’S Pattinson has already released a number of songs himself, had everyone a little concerned that their might actually be some truth to this. Luckily, that’s not the case.

Love’s manager Jonathan Daniel has just informed Spin that there is no basis in reality to any of this and that The Sun basically just took one fact and ran with it. Daniel goes on to say that although there is a flick in the works, the title will be HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN and not ALL APOLOGIES.

So we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief. Normally, we don’t report on things like this at GATW but this rumor was so outrageous it had to be addressed and sorted out before all of Seattle became suicidal themselves. Also, it’s shocking to us that some news outlets can get away with this kind of wild speculation. You’re messing with people’s heads, man! Besides, April Fool’s was a week ago guys.

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