Rob hopes to win a Oscar before he’s 30

Well, this is one goal I’m sure we will all support Rob in.

ROBERT Pattinson has a high hopes for his career!

The hunky British actor — who shot to fame playing sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie franchise — admits he’d like to win an Oscar by the time he’s 30.

And Pattinson says he’d quite like to have a career like Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I can only hope for a resume like Leonardo DiCaprio,” Pattinson said.

“My wish: an Oscar before I’m 30 years old. But I still have a long way to go …”.

Rob, 23, has previously admitted his acting career is a happy accident — his dream job was to be a musician.

“The acting thing happened by accident, a fluke,” he said in December last year. “What I wanted to be was a musician, and play the piano in bars. I wanted to go to Nice and play on the beach in a tuxedo.

“I thought that was cool. It’s such a romantic idea. All you have is your one tuxedo. That was my dream job growing up. I haven’t written any songs for a while though.”

(Source: Show Biz Spy Via Remember Me Saturday UK Twitter)

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