Florence Welch for Eclipse Soundtrack?

Florence And The Machine singer Florence Welch has hinted that she might be contributing to the soundtrack for the next Twilight film.

Welch admitted that she could be following in the footsteps of the likes of Muse and Thom Yorke, athough any involvement in the follow-up to second Twilight film A New Moon is yet to be signed off.

“I would [do a song for the Twilight] soundtrack,” the singer said, “[but] it’s not confirmed yet…”

The singer was speaking as part of a special 10 covers issue of NME on the state of music in 2010, which is on UK newsstands today (April 7).

In the same interview, she admitted that she despises using the internet, in case she reads something about herself she doesn’t like.

“Don’t ever Google yourself, ever. I really avoid it,” she explained. “Another thing I can’t look at is Wikipedia. There was a thing on it that my mother was Irish and that I’ve got bipolar disorder!”

The special covers have been put together to mark the launch of the new NME. The magazine has been completely revamped with new front, features and reviews sections, plus an update for NME‘s iconic logo

Do you think Florence would be a good choice for the soundtrack?

(Source: NME.com)

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