Times Online review of ‘Remember Me’

Having seen this movie myself at it’s opening on Friday, I thought who better to give a review than the times online.

Robert Pattinson takes to the screen again in a Love Story for the Twilight generation. Indeed Remember Me has much the same plot as the Seventies weepie: cute star-crossed lovers battling against a difficult father, with an ending sponsored by Kleenex. Pattinson’s film is predicted to be “one of the biggest tearjerkers to come out of Hollywood since Titanic”, but controversy has begun to surround its ending, which exploits a national tragedy.

The world’s favourite vampire plays Tyler, a brooding, snowplough-jawed New York student who is grieving in the year after his brother’s death. He mopes around a grotty apartment, quotes Gandhi to himself, and scribbles deep thoughts — it’s Edward Cullen meets Camus. Tyler befriends another student, Ally (Emilie de Ravin), who is also crushed by tragedy and an overbearing father. But is everyone too damaged to commit?

Pierce Brosnan plays a stiff suit of a father, and Pattinson is grungy and demonstrative by contrast, doing a serviceable American accent as he rebels against his family’s bourgeois values. You can actually monitor Pattinson’s emotions by his hair: it’s flat and greasy in the sad beginning, grows a quiff after he’s scored, and goes wild when he’s angry. What teenage girls in the audience like best, however, is when Pattison runs his hands through his thatch. A mass sigh filled the auditorium at the London premiere recently.

Adults and teenagers clearly perceive Remember Me rather differently: “It was the best film I’ve ever seen in my life,” said one distraught 14-year-old girl, mascara running down her face as she ran for the Ladies. Meanwhile, adults were narked off by the ending, a cheap piggyback on emotional history, which will further the career of the heart-throb.

I notice that the critic seemed to not have paid attention. For instance, Tyler wasn’t grieving in the year after his brothers death since his brother had died 6 years previously. Also, I never once paid attention to Rob’s hair….did I miss something?

Anyway, she did get one thing right, the ending should have been sponsored by kleenex. If you haven’t already been to see this movie, I definitely recommend it.

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