WIN! Rob Pattinsons big old chocolate head!

Confused? Don’t be!

Thanks to LOVEFiLM YOU could get the chance to lick Rob Pattinson this easter! All you have to do is guess his head’s weight in chocolate!

To win go to LOVEFiLM and enter now!
You can also check out the video of Robs head being made!

Here is the article from the LOVEFiLM website.

As it’s Easter, we thought we’d make the Ultimate Easter Egg – a life-size chocolate head of one of the world’s tastiest movie stars (so we’re told). Allow us to present to you, the head of Robert Pattinson captured in solid milk chocolate.

The solid Belgium chocolate sculpture took food artist Prudence Staite two weeks to complete and she based her creation on R-PATZ’s most famous character – Edward Cullen from the phenomenon that is The Twilight Saga.

One lucky winner will take home the chocolate head and has until December this year to eat it before its ‘best before date’ expires.

Check out the video below to see Robert Pattinson’s chocolate transformation and answer the simple question to get your hands on this confectionery masterpiece…

Watch the movie here

Thanks again to Kristoff from ThinkJam for letting us here at UK Twilight know about this. 🙂

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