Twilight Fan Told to Seek Help!

So I saw this just a while ago on Twilight Examiner and did a complete double take. Really I thought. Someone is so obssessed they need professional help. Well, you read the entire thing and judge for yourselves. Seem like this woman read a book and reavluated how she feels about her life based on that. Does that mean she needs a shrink? What do you think?

Dear Amy: I am a divorced woman in my mid-50s and am happy with my life. I have friends and great relationships with my kids, their spouses and the grandkids.

I have dated two men since divorcing, neither one for long. That has not bothered me until lately.

I recently read a popular book series. It was geared toward younger readers originally. I have been obsessed with these stories and have really grown attached to the primary male character.

I’m so sorry I don’t have the same type of love that this character has for the female character. I have been depressed about this.

I don’t know if I am having a “middle-age” breakdown or what. I don’t know if I should seek counseling.

I feel like I am missing a lot all of a sudden, and I keep thinking about this character and wanting a love like he has. What is wrong with me?


Dear Obsessed: It seems the “Twilight” series may have sent you over the edge. If you confess to an obsession, wonder if you are having a breakdown and worry about your behavior, then you should seek counseling.

You definitely have big questions about the course of your life. Big questions — about mortality and the nature of love and our attachments — are a gift, as long as they send you on an honest quest for answers. You must be the hero of your own story.

(source: Twilight Examiner and LA Times

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