Vampires could be real?!

My husband found a article today which was titled, ‘Five Mythical Creatures that could exist’! I had to post this up!

The 5 Creatures are:

1. Sasquatch
2. The Vampire
3. The Loch Ness Monster
4. Dragons
5. Dogheads

Sounds crazy I know, BUT, read on below. If you would like to go and read up on the other creatures that could exist you can visit the weirdworm website.

So here is what weirdworm had to say about The Vampire, and why it could exist!

Another myth that would seem to be as old as time itself is that of the vampire. The vampire is one of the most enduring legends of all time and, like the big bad bogeyman, there would seem to be a version of this myth in almost every culture on the face of the planet.

Of course the descriptions of these blood sucking creatures varies wildly from country to country. In South East Asia, for example, there are seemingly endless variations on the same theme. Here, vampires usually take the form of a beautiful young woman. Some can detach their head or torso so as to fly about the night sky. Some have no fangs but drain the blood from their victims using their hair. Others use an elongated tongue to lap the blood, or even to suck foetuses from the wombs of sleeping women. Even Bigfoot is said to be a bloodsucker in at least one Native American version of the myth.

Even our own vampire folklore cannot be taken at face value. The modern vampire has evolved from an impressive variety of European vampire myths. For example, the association with bats was the invention of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. Before the nineteenth century vampires more commonly turned themselves into cats or dogs. A stake through the heart might not kill a vampire. Originally, spears were used to simply steak them to the ground as killing them was thought by some to be impossible. Garlic might not do you much good either, as it was only placed in the mouths of corpses to stop them biting people. An onion would do just as well but the most effective precaution one could take was to completely remove the head before burial.


Vampires even looked different back then. Far from being pale they were often described as being dark in complexion and ‘of a foreign disposition’. They didn’t even have fangs.

However the vampire might have altered over time, it is clearly part of a long tradition of things that go bump in the night, the true origins of which might never be determined.

If there is any evidence for the vampire walking amongst us today, it comes in the form of the chupacapre. The chupacabre, or ‘goat sucker’, has been annoying farmers in South and Central America for several decades now by sucking their cattle, and other animals, completely dry of blood.

A number of recent sightings, and even video footage, of strange creatures in the region have some claiming that the chupacabre is some form of mutant cayote or previously undiscovered dog-like creature. To others, however, it has a much more alien or demonesque appearance. Perhaps, like the vampire, it is capable of appearing as both humanoid and animal form.

So… are you convinced? Could our very own version of Edward Cullen actually be more realistic than we think? Maybe Stephenie is on to something ey!

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