Nikki Reed at the Alternative Apparel fashion Collection Launch

Here are some pictures of the lovely Nikki Reed at the Alternative Apparel Fashion Collection Launch in LA.

(Photo Source: Nikki Reed

E-Online caught up with Nikki at the show, this is what she had to say:

“I’m going to Virginia for two days to visit the troops and I think that’s really awesome,”

“I just don’t know why we’re breeding a generation of hate and criticism right now. The only thing that seems to be getting hits is controversial,” she continued. “It’s now ‘Who’s fat, who’s ugly and what can I say that’s mean about someone?’ and I just think it’s really sad.”

Read the rest of Nikki’s interview with E-Online here.

I have to agree with Nikki. Is really sad that the press is so negative. It seems like people are mainly in the press these days for gaining weight, not looking their best, or to have their love life scrutinized.

See more lovely pictures of Nikki!

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