Rachelle Lefevre’s new project!

Recently Rachelle Lefevre has been tweeting about the new series she will be starring in. She will be cast alongside Oscar winner Sissy Spacek in a exciting medical drama about a mobile team of volunteer doctors who travel the U.S. and the world helping those in need. Rachelle will play Sissy’s daughter in the pilot which will hopefully lead to a full series.

Going from Rachelle’s Tweets she seems really keen on this new project!

Hollywood Reporter say,

“The Warner Bros. TV-produced project, written by Hannah Shakespeare and to be directed by Christopher Chulack, centers on a mobile team of volunteer doctors led by a driven visionary (Spacek) that travels the world and the U.S. helping those in need.

Deeply committed to her work, Spacek’s character, originally envisioned as a man, works around the clock, and expects her team to do likewise. Complicating things is her own cancer diagnosis, which requires agonizing chemo treatments at regular intervals, as well as her physician daughter’s (Rachelle Lefevre) decision to join the team.”

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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