Jamie Campbell Bower’s Adventures of Mr Finger

Those of you who’ve had the pleasure of meeting the delectable Mr Campbell Bower will know what an absolutely amazing sense of humour he has. This is even more evident when you follow him on twitter. He’s amazing, so funny. The stuff he comes out with is just hilarious. So in honour of Jamie, here’s the adventures of Mr Finger as tweeted by the man himself last week.

The Adventures of Mr Finger by Jamie Campbell Bower!

Mr Finger got thirsty!

Mr Finger got hungry!

Mr Finger runs into Mr Hand!

Mr Finger all dressed up to go out tonight!

Mr Finger is enjoying some of the “local” delicacies here in berlin.

Me and Mr Finger having some fun before we head out.

All pics from Jamie Campbell Bower on Twitter with the exception of the first one which belongs to a good friend of mine. Please credit us when using!

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