Ashley Greene on ‘Eclipse’ and Bullying Taylor

In a recent interview with, Ashley Greene discusses getting ‘down and dirty’ during her fight scenes for Eclipse plus her working relationship with Taylor Lautner.

Ashley Greene is considered one of the sweetest stars of Twilight, both onscreen and off. But as she told FEARnet this week in Austin, you might see a tougher side of Alice Cullen emerge in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

On a break from shooting the psychological thriller The Apparition and in town to promote her SXSW festival film Skateland, Greene revealed that she had watched scenes from the June 30 Twilight sequel Eclipse just days ago in a post-production session with director David Slade. And while she couldn’t reveal specifics, she did describe her fight scenes as “down and dirty” and discussed her adversarial onscreen relationship with co-star Taylor Lautner.

In comparison to both Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, fans don’t really know much about what to expect in the film adaptation of the third novel – in that there were so many sneak peeks and trailers for the first two films, but not a whole lot for Eclipse.

Keep ’em wanting more!

Have you been given the chance to see any part of Eclipse yet?

I just did ADR a couple of days ago, actually, so I got to see some of the film. I was with [director] David Slade, and when I was doing ADR, I of course asked if I could see the whole scene played out so I could see something! It looks so good. I’m so excited.

You got to tear off a vampire’s head in Twilight and face off with the Volturi in New Moon. What can you tell us about the things you get to do in Eclipse, which we know from the book will have more of a fighting element?

The thing I’ll say about Twilight is, one, it’s given me this Hollywood crash course and I’ve been able to work with three great directors. And also, my character is an incredible character to break out with because she’s perky and happy and sweet, and she’s this best friend character that everybody loves, so it’s an amazing first character to have. Throughout the series you’ve gotten to see her go from really sweet to kind of sassy, and now in the third one we get to showcase this massive fight sequence that I’m a part of, so we got to get our action star fix. You get to see Alice get kind of down and dirty and see a really intense side of her that maybe you haven’t seen before.

In New Moon your scenes with Taylor seemed to have more of a snap, perhaps because you’d gotten to know each other better after Twilight and could riff of each other more, and also because your characters would love to rip each other’s head off in their scenes together. Do we get to see more of that banter and repartee with Taylor in Eclipse?

Those scenes are really fun to film! You know, they always say that the nicest people can play the meanest characters. I remember someone saying in an interview that Rachel McAdams was the sweetest girl, and she played this awful, mean character in Mean Girls. I think it’s the same thing with Taylor. He’s so sweet, I can look at him and be mean to him onscreen or have a fight with him and know that he’s not going to take it personally, so we definitely got to play off each other a little bit.

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