A friend in Forks!

I have a very very lucky friend, Neil, who went on a mini tour of the states. On his travels Neil went to California, Mexico and then on to Washington!
While in Washington he took the time to go and visit Forks, I think I must have bugged him at least 1000 times to read Twilight and he started reading the books on his tour of the States and by the time he got to Forks, needless to say he was hooked! Lovely guy that he is he took some incredible photos and wants to tell us about his experience!

Forks is a real place, I went there!!
Now before I begin, I must let it be known that I started and finished the Twilight Saga books while on this trip and that I’m a fan of the books, not the movies.

So, March 2010, during my latest trip through the States and Mexico, I decided to take a little detour to Forks to check it out; it was the first time I’d ever been to any part of Washington State that wasn’t Seattle. I flew from Seattle (where it rained, of course!) to Port Angeles. To be totally honest, I was afraid, afraid that I was going to be disappointed. The ‘Twilight Forks’ had cast a spell over me and had become such a real place in my head that I was sure the reality would bound to have some major difference; that it wouldn’t look like it does in my head or the movies. (Anyone who has been somewhere, where they have pictured themselves knows what I’m talking about.) But as I flew in, low over the densely green hills with the incredible Cascades Mountains touching the clouds to the south, I stopped worrying.
When I landed, I rented a car for the drive down to Forks; I had packed for the rain which was commented on throughout the books and of course the sun shined the entire time we were in Forks!! Every local I spoke to commented on my luck.
Forks was the most incredible experience. There were a few small differences: the logging presence was much more evident than I’d read about and the huge log haulers constantly barrelling down the wet highway made driving an adventure in itself —and it was sunny, as I’ve mentioned. Otherwise, it was really close to the picture painted by Stephenie Meyer, almost looking at her work through her eyes, but slightly blurred at the edges. Walking down Main Street, driving up side streets until I found a house that could have been the Swan’s, and then turning the car around only to find a beat-up, once-red, early-fifties Chevy truck parked across the road! I could have taken a tour, to be shown the Cullen’s house and the Hospital were Carlisle works, but I didn’t have that much time overall. I was expecting maybe a few tourists there but not the hundreds of people flocking round everywhere!
I believe the word surreal is overused, but this really was like walking around inside a dream. I spent half a day at La Push, and that was even more beautiful than you can imagine. Unlike Forks, there were no differences between what you see on scene and the real thing. I spent the afternoon expecting every minute that I would turn a corner and run into Jacob Black!
I have a few surviving pictures from my trip. Unfortunately, I had to cut some away as I had A LOT of photos from the rest of my trip to keep. Here’s what survived – I hope you enjoy, but they don’t do it justice!

Ok so who thinks this next picture looks like ‘Bella and Jacobs tree’ that they sit on on the beach?

Are any of you readers lucky enough to have been to Forks? If you have, why not write up your experience for us and add some pictures.

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