EclipseMovie has exclusive interview with Charlie Bewley

As most UK fans will know, last weekend ‘Eternal Twilight 3’ an unofficial Twilight convention was hosted at The Birmingham Hilton Metropole hotel.

Our very own Elaine attended this event and posted a review about the guests, venue and convention.

Eclipse.Org also attended ‘Eternal Twilight 3’ and managed to get an exclusive interview with the lovely Charlie Bewley! Lucky devils!
Team Space Heaters (TSH) from Eclipse.Org have very kindly allowed us to post up their interview, so check it out below.

Eternal Twilight 3 – Our Exclusive Interview With Charlie Bewley PLUS Full Convention Write Up

Yours truly had the privilege of interviewing Charlie Bewley in a panel interview with two other websites which can be seen above and I also interviewed Kiowa Gordon and that interview will be posted soon so watch this space!  I also won a fan encounter with Tinsel Korey and 10 -12 other fans where we were able to ask her whatever we wished!

See more from TSH..

All the guests were superb!!!  Jamie and Christopher bantering with Charlie  during the first talk was pure comedy with some great one liners from Jamie such as him telling Charlie that his sentence was the most pretentious sentence he’d ever heard…this was when Charlie was explaining acting and then just went completely off tangent!  Poor Charlie… I’ll rub the war wounds better if you want! :P

More after the break…Jamie on his own, was a stand up comedy act.  If he wasn’t an actor he could definitely be a stand up comedian.  His icebreaker for his  ‘alone’ talk was ” I’m sorry I forgot to wear any pants (boxers for the Americans!) so I’m walking funny cause I don’t want to flash anyone of you!” (He wear his jeans incredibly low!) and he then proceeded to walk like a crab to get to the posters he had to sign around the stage because they had been auctioned off.  He then later tweeted that he was wearing some pants when at the Baftas! ;-)

Christopher was another comedy act, whenever he was called on stage he had a tendency to change the chairs all around so he could sit where he wanted rather than where the organisers wanted.   And on the Saturday night ‘graduation’ party he even got on to stage with Bean, Saxon and me and had a boogie with us!!  :) :) During a talk on Saturday he apologised to all the fans who had their photos that day because apparently he had had a fishy breakfast and it was repeating itself on him!  On the Sunday when I went to get my picture taken because I missed it on the Saturday I asked him if it was safe to get close to him… to which he replied ‘I’m burping and blowing in the opposite direction so you should be ok!’ Yuk I know but still you can’t help but laugh! :D

My fan encounter with Tinsel was amazing.  She is so easy going and just so easy to talk to.  Questions I asked ‘what was it difference filming Eclipse to New Moon?’ She replied with that she only had one scene in New Moon and wouldn’t give anything away on Eclipse :( So I probed further into the “direction aspect and asked what the difference was” she replied with that Chris Weitz is very caring and having been an actor before he always wants to make sure that the actor is ok with what he is asking of them; David she said on the other hand has a vision of how he see the scene and he will do as many takes as necesary to get the prefect scene… (Eclipse better be perfect them Mr Slade!!)  She also said that with David he is a horror director so the best person to bring out the dark parts of Eclipse and she can’t wait to see what he does with the whole Rosalie’s past scenes as well as the newborns.   I also asked “if all the wolf pack actors and herself keep in touch seeing how much they bonded off set” and she was so sweet in telling us how her and Chaske tend to play the older brother and sister to the younger boys especially Kiowa and Tyson because this was their first film and they just want to watch out for them to make sure they don’t get played by people  –  this was great to hear because there aren’t many people who would do that and it shows how caring they all are to each other.  All in all this enounter lasted in the region of 30-45 mins so a lot more was asked and Tinsel told us lots of stuff and I could go on forever but I will stop…but we love Tinsel!!

Charlie was great at usual and his banter with Jamie and Chris was classic.  He was also very happy to oblige in a photo shoot with “Charlie’s” Angels!!  Yes we love Charlie Bewley and we are his ONLY angels!! :P

Kiowa was just fabulous!  He was shy and very quiet when he spoke – not surprising really as it must be  lot to take in from being unknown to then being thrust into the limelight but he was great in all the talks… he did the wolf call and also sang…I’m sure that will be on youtube somewhere soon!  My one on one interview with him is being edited and will be posted soon so do watch out for that as he revealed a lot… can any of you guess who he named as being the biggest diva out of the wolf pack….?!

[And now my thank you speech….Special thanks to Charlie Bewley for giving us the opportunity to interview him, also BIG thanks to all those at Massive Events for helping to organise the interviews.    Thanks to Bean for being my camera woman and my cousin ‘H’ for helping me with the editing…and last but by no mean least thanks to JoUK, Phoenix and Saxon for making this weekend a blast.]

Thank you so much to TSH for allowing us to post their interview and review 🙂

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