‘Twilight’ towns enjoying Valentine’s boom thanks to ‘Bella’ and ‘Edward’

I hope boyfriends and husbands are taking note of this! I love how crazy with Twilight the world has gone!

Valentine’s Day is, for many, a time to celebrate very personal and meaningful feelings shared between two people through potentially cheesy and commercially-driven activities.

Dinner, chocolate, cards, and flowers are among the constants associated with this holiday, and people are apt to oblige to the call for their purchase (lest they invite the wrath – or, less dramatically, disappointment – of their significant others).

In the case of some Twilight fans, it seems, the day has called for celebration just a step above Sweethearts and roses . . . a trip to Washington to see where part of the story of “Bella” and “Edward” began.

According to the Peninsula Daily News, several local hotels have been prepared for that very thing by offering Twilight fans special accommodations. “A sampling: the Resort at Port Ludlow proffered a “Cullen-airy Delight” dinner of vegetarian vampire salad, New Moon pasta and forbidden-fruit sorbet plus blood-orange martinis, all conceived by catering coordinator Lauren Reinertsen; the Kalaloch Lodge tucks a map of Forks plus Twilight trivia, water bottles and dessert in with its cabin keys; at the Tudor Inn of Port Angeles, guests are sent off to dine at Bella Italia, the restaurant where Edward and Bella sighed through their first date,” reports PDN.

The source of the guests coming in? All over.

We have grandmas and granddaughters, aunts and nieces, and husbands bringing wives,” said Dew Drop Inn desk clerk Barb Dias.

“We’ve got people coming from Germany this weekend, and from the Peninsula,” added Joan Evans of the Pacific Inn.

“We are all booked up for the Twilight rooms.”

Ahh, love.

(Source: Twilight Examiner)

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