Peter Facinelli fully backs the launch of new Charity ‘Twihards4Charity’

A very worthwhile charity has been set up to help aid where ever it is needed. I am currently trying to find out how fans outside of the US can get involved, meanwhile however you can sign up to the site yourselves and see what its all about.
Peter Facinelli is fully backing the Charity with his own name and putting his reputation.
This is a great charity as its not for one specific charity its for all who need help. Its a great way for Twilight fans to unite together. With such a huge fanbase out there Im sure that Twihards4Charity will be a massive hit.

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Twihards4Charity’s Mission Statement.

Twihards4Charity is a new social campaign that helps Twilight fans from all over the world make a difference by uniting them with a common goal – to give to those in need through charities and special causes. 211me has brought in sponsors, brands and support from celebrity favorites like Peter Facinelli to provide TwiHards with Twilight-themed products they love. In return, a portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to a designated cause or charity.

Read on to see the special Valentines Day Gift Bundle Twihards4Charity is offering.

The site is even running a special Valentines Day Gift Bundle which ranges from Basic gifts, to all out top of the ‘romantic range’ gifts.

For Valentine’s Day, Twihards have the unique opportunity to purchase a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day Bouquet that will benefit Haiti. You won’t find this anywhere else!

There are several options to choose from, all of which include a beautiful set of a dozen roses. For every bundle purchased from this site, five dollars will go directly to Haiti. Whether it’s for your sweetheart, your best friend or a fellow Twihard, this gift is the perfect way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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